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Interview: Baron R Birtcher is Reckoning to be your next must read

Sep 14, 2023 E84 00:42:34

Join us in this electrifying episode as we sit down with the master of action thrillers, Author Baron Birtcher. Renowned for his captivating Ty Dawson Mysteries, pulse-pounding Mike Travis Series, and gripping novel "Rain Dogs," Birtcher takes us on an exhilarating journey into the world of suspense and intrigue. With his unique ability to craft intricate plots and compelling characters, Birtcher shares his the insights and some of the stories behind his stories. As he walk you through the his novels, he finds a way to bring you into the settings. Get ready to be enthralled by his storytelling prowess and entertained by his charismatic presence as we delve into the mind of a true literary virtuoso. Whether you're a die-hard fan of action-packed mysteries or an aspiring writer seeking wisdom, this interview with Baron Birtcher is a must-listen for all. You can find this author's information on guest list, his website, or any of the places listed below. Website: And more at: Or you can read the Blog post covering the interview at If you would like to help the show, you can find all the options we offer by going to "Show Support" at Your Host: E.A. Maynard (https://authorblurb/Maynard) YouTube: Rumble: